We Are Making Unique Wicker Baskets

We Are Making Unique Wicker Baskets

Checklist on How to Make a Simple Wicker Basket

To achieve a multicolored effect you can die the twine then weave the twines together in elaborate patterns. This will come later when you have weaved a few wicker baskets.

When willow is freshly picked it needs to be dried. Baskets made from freshly cut willow will shrink and the weave becomes loose after drying.

Before you start weaving the willow needs to be soaked, the ratio is one foot of willow should soak for one day.

Tools Needed Checklist

Sharp knife for splitting the willow

A pair of cutters to cut willow to size

A pointed tool used for separating the weave, such as a pointed stick or nail would work well.

Making the Base

You need to cut eight sections of Willow from thick shoots. For a small basket like we are making the shoots only need to be about thirty cm long.

After cutting the willow go through your bundle of willows and find the thinnest and longest shoots that will make good weavers.

At the center of four limbs make a split with your knife about four to five cm long.

Begin with the two weavers by inserting the thin ends into the split you made earlier.

This technique involves holding the two weavers and twisting them one over the other so they switch places. Each twist is done always in the same direction.

After each twist the next spoke is then put between the two weavers.

The next twist you are going to do will lock the weavers into place.

Then pair around each set of four spokes and complete two rows. This will lock the Slath together to start.

Now remember to pull the weavers in tightly as close as possible. Space evenly and continue to weave a couple more rows.

You will come near to the ends of the weaver and you will need to add new ones to carry on with weaving.

To add a new weaver in, mark each weaver as “A” and “B” when starting, then you will know which one to use next.

Take the end of a new weaver and point the end down pushing it between the weave of the last two rows.

. Bend it over to follow the path of the old weaver.

Now cut the old weaver off and continue weaving around the basket.

Next you will continue pairing until the base has reached its full diameter in size.

I will be showing you another simple technique next month to finish our wicker basket.