The Value of Magic for Connecting With People

As a magician I have found the magician’s art to be an excellent tool to assist in developing rapport in many situations. Corporations, schools, motivational presenters and organizations that help people at risk, can enhance their ability to connect with their audience by including magic tricks as they present their message.

Many magicians specialize in children’s shows, for which the demand is very high. Many just present shows as entertainment, however, the potential for including life lessons within the presentation is huge and provides a vehicle for the magician that wants to make a difference to the lives of the young, at an age that they are shaped a great deal by their experiences and those that make an impression on them.

There are numerous magicians that specialize in this type of show and they are always in demand. If this is a format that you wish to pursue, develop a message and develop a show that uses effects that pertain to and illustrate the life lesson that you want to convey. The underlying message must be simple, clear and easy to grasp. A show built around bullying is particularly sought after in this day and age of young adolescent bullying.

Corporate events tend to focus on attention getting effects that bring people to a location and hold their attention such that the corporate message can be put across and the organization’s sales and presentation staff can have an opportunity to connect with the members of the audience.

The better magicians that work this type of show, inject a way to present the product of the corporation into the effect and/or work effects that either obtain, or leave the spectator with, business cards; thus providing a means of networking that is most important to business development.

Closely related to the business format of magic show is that of the motivational speaker and corporate trainer. Most of these individuals utilize the techniques of persuasion and cognitive behavioral psychology, such as NLP, to present their message effectively.

There are many mentalist/magicians who claim the use of these tactics to achieve the outcomes of their effects. The reality is, however, that although they may appear to use these disciplines within their performances and may use them a little, they still use the techniques of the magician achieve their results. These methods can be used by the motivational speaker to enhance their presentations and even to induce a belief factor similar to that of a cult leader. In fact the majority of cult leaders use conjuring tricks to develop a belief, in their followers, that they have mystical powers endowed by a divine being, this includes the foundations of organized religions.

Youth workers and those that assist the poor and less fortunate are another group that can benefit from the inclusion of magic in their work. Magic tricks develop instant rapport and so can be used as an introductory technique to allow the social worker to obtain a measure of trust and obtain more information about the members of their audience so that they may assist them further.

There are numerous opportunities around the world for magicians to work either with other presenters and teachers or for them to develop their own niche in which they can provide beneficial messages and help to a wide range of people and organizations.