The Universe in Motion Parts I Through III

The Universe in Motion
((In Narrative Poetic Prose) (and semi hexameter))

Part I of III

Forevermore, and from the beginning
In an endless motion everything goes
Flows unruffled-: the heavens above,
The pit below, the planets, stars, and the
Cosmos; bodies, nature, space, the abyss,
The flashing of thunderbolts, heat, cold,
Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the
Vastness of the whole: follow their course
Through whatever travel time allowed them
By Almighty God-all is on the run-
All have a journey, all in the spread of
Things, spread to every end of creation!
All motion in the universe goes, flows
Devoid of end. Man with his very
Eyes, can see things that bind things.
See space and time bend, matter quiver!

Hill to hill, mountain to mountain, sea to
Sea, land to land’s end, and to sea’s end, and
The rivers, tributaries, and nature, – for
Nature guards all, the full body. One feds,
The other, and all breed humanity by
The holy limbs of God. If driven apart
From its fit, by the absurd, pray God sets
It back in place; or that God would not allow
It in the first place! For it would have better
Not to have been, than to have all been
Scattered wide and uninvited. For by
Fact, nothing got started or stabilized
By itself, and each and all set, in its rightful
Place. Nor did primal germs say one to another:
How each should move, to be driven;
Compacted, and changed to make a flower
Or a plant, a bug, a tree… Then by trial
And error, attempt to make a mortal!

God forbid this kind of motion and thing
For infectious germs to have precedence
In creation, if so, should they decide
Then to make great rearrangements what then?
Contiguous touching, connecting, attached,
To make humankind into imps and goblins?
But God has obstructed such a design,
Preserved what he has, threw proper motion,
Matter to flow in the cosmos, oceans.
And gravity to wave like the seas from
Explosions; and for the forces of earth,
A canopy; and, an asteroid belt, lumped
Barriers, built to move and sway, to cloak
Earth, from invaders. And through suitable
Balance and motion: earth spins like a top,
Counterclockwise; and the moon orbits the
Earth, counterclockwise, and the earth orbits
The sun-unmovable-counterclockwise…

And the bear, the fox, the wolf, the whale
And fire, the reptilian, the spider all with
Breath and air; and the plants take in Man’s
Carbon dioxide, and gives out oxygen…
One feeds the other, even Earth’s firmament
With Earth’s solar system, all work together.

Can a deep-rooted germ, fertile, fix all this?
In a billion or more years? Without God’s
Initiative, inventiveness? Does the
Germ, have a brain, far beyond God’s?

Can the proton, the electrons, within
A cell, within its nucleus, act together,
Without God’s triggering life-death motion?
Does it have a will, heart, breathe or a brain?
Who’s creating the breeding barrier, code?
The genetic DNA; keeping disease far
At bay? The immune system, by spark chance?
Vanity gives the fool dreams to embrace.

Vanity says: something comes from nothing;
That fixed positions come from, oblivion!
That is to say, something from nothing is the
New cause, by chance, which is contrariwise to
Man’s own doubtful physiological impossibilities.

The blind leads the blind, the fool teaches his
Error, and nonsense is born apart from God.

How is it that all this came about?
All these moving things, forever together…
The sun stands still, but it’s in motion
In its frame as a whole, until its energy
Diminishes, and collapses on its
Own, losing its gravitational pull and hold:
It slowly moves to its death, a black hole.

Yet so many things hide their motions,
When afar from us, too far to view and study.
Even the simple landscapes, the hillside
The wooly flocks, the mud beetle.
The color in the grass, we are all
Blurred and bent, as if standing afar-

The warmth of the sun, its serene atoms
Speed down with its light, through God’s matter
Traveling down this empty void, compelled
To warm the earth, slowly, and to cleave on
To the waves of air; particles of heat
Laments, outbreaths, entangled, enmeshed,
Each restrained by God’s fingertips, checked and
Balanced, in advance. Aboriginal atoms
With their old, bold and simple solidity.

We are a young species gathering data
On time, space, life, matter, energy, with
A barbarous past… , nor are we a
Long-lived species, years to be counted
Several times over on our fingertips:
To explore God’s wonders, we must rush!

Should the sharpness of space,
Its plan, its baffling weight and strength,
Should it move sluggishly over time and space
And should God not have preserved its
Original design, -for: chance, menacing
Madness and oddness, cutting off possibilities
For chance and rhyme?

The red lust of madness would have stepped in
And, -what God has put in place, chance
Would have made obsolescent, and farfetched!

The Universe Unfolded
Part II of III

Concerning motion, unfold these thoughts: look
Into the skies, that in no wise way,
Could nature of the world, the universe be built
Other than by divine design, power-; what faults
Do you find burdened with? All the weight upon
The earth: grains and trees, mountains and seas do
Not leap to the sky… but like the roof of a dome
Remains in place. Timber and beam, our bodies-
The elephant and the whale, all the weight
Underneath the earth, its magma, its plates,
The crust of the earth, all within and without, does
Not ascend, rise like the wind, to the empty
Void: past the moon! Venus, Mars… to the sun!
Fire and flames shift to the air, rise aloft,
And then drop: what drives them back down?
Meteors burn up before they hit the ground;
If not, they splatter sparsely. The midnight
Shooting stars flame up the sky, as does the
Devil’s star, the comet, with long fiery, fury tails
Like the Dragon. And the constellations drop to
Earth’s view, while earth spins on top of a needle!
From corner to corner: comes rain, hail, light,
Heat, all bustling, from over and above
And out of the clouds, zigzagging, falling back
Down to earth! Why not the other way! God
Has made earth’s firmament like a layered cake.
And should the naked eye look sanguinely,
Through a telescope s/he will see the universe
Splashed with galaxies, all gyrating, agitated
In and with motion. Furrowed by great waves
Fifteen-billion years in the making. Energized,
With gravity: the cosmos taking quantum leaps,
With new understandings, and Relativity:
Drawing bodies toward bodies as matter keeps
Moving like the surface of a sea, with its
Gravitational waves and astonishing precision…
And recreating new galaxies from black holes.
Thus, is it not the universe our beloved,
Multicolored home! Astonishing, intriguing,
Always interacting, always in motion…

The crossroads
Part III of III

In light of all that I have said, we are
Now at the crossroads where resides the Universe
And God- Creation of the universe is
Concealed first by nature; and then by science.
Science making God nonsensical, a relic.
And too we have theological concealment
Of the universe, its motion, its creation!
Why! For the sake of grace, to work through faith.
You must take the physical, then the spiritual.
To understand God, is to understand the
Universe, perhaps not so unlike a fishbowl
And God, above it, looking down into it:
Or God, stepping into it, while still looking
Down upon it. The Universe and Creation
Was created with the idea it is to be lived
With motion, with a view to worship.

#5246/ 5-18 through 31-2016
By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c. May, 2016