The Other Side on Selling

Selling your own work is not easy. The work is intimate. I can only create good work when it is honest and about real life, real feelings. So it hurts me when people say they don’t like it. Not getting the point is no problem. I also don’t always comprehend every art work I see, but from time to time the comments are really hard or insulting and that is not pleasant. Standing on a market makes you feel exposed. I consider my own work as good, I only fire it when I am satisfied and that makes selling on a market a bit like you’re acting in a commercial.

Of course there’s more than one side to his matter. Through my sculpting years I became a sculpture specialist. During the years my work has been bought by collectors. I know that and it is a nice element. Collectors are people who know how to look and they realise that art is valuable. My aim is not to please. ‘Beautiful’ is not the first word that comes to mind. But these people still think it is their money’s worth. They know there is more to life than worry about hair style or what shoes to wear. They know life beholds love and sadness. They are the ones who consider my work beautiful, they are the ones who feel my work in their heart and don’t need it as a sweet decoration.

I used to sell through art galleries. Since the art gallery business collapsed it has become difficult to find a really good one. And I don’t settle for everything anymore, I don’t feel like paying for each single exposition. That is why I am now standing on a market. Having a face to face contact with my customers is exciting and something you miss when selling through art galleries. Choosing the right market and deciding what to present on which one is precarious. Some markets are a whole new experience. People actually come to buy ceramics. All vendors are elected thus providing a certain quality. Around the world you can find these special ceramic markets, or you find makers on farmer markets or arts and crafts markets.-

Selling is really nice. It feels good when people want to spend their money on my heart’s work. It makes me feel seen and rewarded and it gives me space (literally) and energy to start something new. It also allows me to pay my bills which is a nice thing.