The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones

When we listen to a song on a record or radio we say he/she is good or not good. We don’t think of all the other people who are responsible for bringing the song to us. The backing music is just as important as the vocal but the singer is the one receiving the praise – none for the session musician who plays the great instrumental break

The people that compose the song are often not on the radar. A few years back a songwriter’s name would be in small print in brackets. Usually it was just the writer’s surname that would be printed. It seems everyone who has given their talents to ensure a great result is forgotten, apart from the singer. It’s as though the artist is credited with everything, as far as his/ hers adoring public are concerned.

It is the same in movies. Everyone looks to the movie stars. All the other people that have worked hard to make the actors believable in their part are forgotten. The singers, the movie stars are the ones that get the admiration even though without others, their talents couldn’t come to fruition.

When we see a film that requires stunts, we may know it’s a stunt man that does the dangerous stuff but he doesn’t get a second thought. No one wants to know who he is. It is the star that is the hero of the film. Films require input from hundreds of people and without them the stars acting abilities wouldn’t be seen. But to the general public it is the singers and film stars that impress and the rest are more or less forgotten.

However, to some extent other people’s talent is on show. For example, we have documentaries that show how a film is made and sometimes the work of others is shown. The emphasis is still on the actors and camera crews and stunt people get a brief mention. Years ago in the record industry the name of the record label would stand out, but today the label is in small print and the artists in large. On some albums the importance of the engineer is recognised, stating their name and sometimes what equipment was involved. Many many people give their talents to ensure that a film, a live stage show, pop concert, recording session goes as best as they possibly can get it. Unfortunately there is only a few that get all the credit.