Modeling Scouts: What’s It All About?

Modeling scouts essentially deal with 2 types of people the models and the clients. In certain agencies, there is a ‘bookers’ department who will manage with clients and models after the scouting process, in some agencies Scouters will do all the work from scouting to setting up the models with clients. Whatever the case, their expertise lies first in the ability to procure talents for the agency. In order to do that they would need to have good knowledge and sensing of the clients the agency deals with and the specific needs they need to adhere to for each client (I.e., advertising, editorial, runway, commercial, print advertisements etcetera.). They would have to assess the age, gender, look and specific style a model potential fits in. The scouter then has to convince the models of the agency’s legitimacy and get them to sign up with the agency.

After signing up a model, if the agency doesn’t have a booker’s department, scouters will essentially also become the model’s manager. Scouter must sell this modeling potential to the respective clients and groom the model potential to be able to fit into the agency’s work. So the initial test shoots or the creation of a portfolio, managing the clothes wardrobe, fitting the model and client into mutually favorable timeslots, and getting work opportunities for the model will now become the duty of the Scouter.

Definitely, the scouters play an integral role in the overall development and sustenance of a modeling agency and derive a certain commission from the model’s work. Initially, the figure is around 20%. This is for all the middle man work they are responsible for in making sure the client and model work well and achieve all the intended Key Performance Indicator (KPI) s.

Some of the best models in the world such as Coco Rocha, Gisele Bndchen and Kate Moss, were all once scouted into the business. It’s truly hard to imagine an industry without these names, thus scouting is serious business that has the power to influence the modeling industry in a remarkable way.

Without the work of scouters, it can be safe to say no modeling agency will hold up for very long. Clients are constantly demanding fresh faces and interesting looks. Scouters have to bear this mind and attract such potential talent to the agency for it to thrive and prosper. Any credible modeling agency thus invests a good amount of time and effort in getting the best Scouters and training them to be able to speak well and confidently.