How To Fix Different Kinds of Fasteners on Leather Products

How To Fix Different Kinds of Fasteners on Leather Products

Fasteners are devices in metal, leather or fabric used for closing or locking and opening leather articles. They include buckle, press-studs, zips, velcros, toggle and loop, drawstring etc.

How To Fix Rivets

1. Locate and punch a hole, the correct size of the rivet post.

2. Insert the post through the two thicknesses of leather to be riveted from the flesh side.

3. Place the rivet and leather pieces on a piece of hard wooden board.

4. Place the cap on the post on the grain side.

5. Set the rivet with a mallet until the closure is completed.

How To Fix Eyelets

Eyelets are used in Leatherwork for fastening metal key plates to key case liners, and occasionally for re-enforcing belt and shoe holes.

1. Plan the layout or where the eyelets will be fixed on the part of the leather article.

2. Punch the proper size hole for the eyelet.

3. Place or insert the eyelet in the hole.

4. Place the leather article or part on a hard surface.

5. Hold the eyelet setter over the eyelet with the left hand in a vertical position and strike the setter with a mallet to fix.

How To Fix Press-Studs

Press-studs are in two pairs. The first pair which is a cap and eyelet and the second are made with a spring and post.

1. Locate and punch a hole for the eyelet.

2. Insert the eyelet in the hole and put leather on a hard wooden board.

3. Put the cap, which is the concave part on top of the eyelet button and strike with a mallet on a snap.

4. Locate the hole for fixing the second part on the next leather.

5. Punch the proper size hole for the post.

6. Insert the post and put leather on a hard wooden board or an anvil.

7. Set the spring on the post and strike with a hammer over the snap button tool to spread the shank of the post to fix it.

8. Fix the two pairs together by pressing them with the hand to close.

How To Fix Zip

Zip can be easily fixed by sewing either with the hand or sewing machine.

1. Cut leather into two halves to be equal to the length of the zip.

2. Open the zip and place one-half of the leather onto one part of the zip and sew with the sewing machine.

3. Repeat the same process on the other part of the zip to complete the process.

How To Fix Buckles

Buckles are fixed on sandals, belts, watch straps, etc. They are fixed by using eyelets, rivets or by stitching.

1. Create a slit hole at one end of the belt, about 4cm to the edge.

2. Insert a buckle by allowing the tongue to go through the hole made on the belt.

3. Create two other holes for inserting rivets and hammer rivets to fix the buckle.