Ensuring Safety for Your Kids While Playing on a Trampoline

Ensuring Safety for Your Kids While Playing on a Trampoline

Trampolining is one of the most fun activities for kids. Unfortunately, the possibility of trampoline injuries is real, especially with children. Truth be told, there is no such thing as the safest trampoline in the world.
However, with certain safety precautions, children are still able to haven fun and be safe bouncing on a trampoline. Here are some of the most important trampoline safety tips that will ensure the safety of your child while he/she is on a trampoline.

Keep the trampoline away from trees, poles or fences

While installing a trampoline, it is necessary to have at least 3 meters of free space around the trampoline. Within this perimeter, there should be no trees, fences, walls, or poles which a child can crash into while playing rough. Presence of any such structures near the trampoline can increase the severeness of injuries in case a child jumps too high and falls off the trampoline.

Check for loose springs and bolts

The trampoline springs along with the mat work together to create the proper tension, enabling you to bounce as you jump. The springs should be tight enough for your kids to be able to jump and bounce. Before a trampoline session, always check if the springs are properly firmly set in their places. Hanging or loose springs may cause unwanted injuries in case of an accident.

In some cases, the springs wear out, become flaccid or corroded. Replace them with good quality springs and fix them properly.

Use safety pads to cover the steel frame, springs and hooks

It is quite possible that your children land on the exposed steel frame, springs, or hooks. Therefore, you should install enough safety pads on the trampoline. If you are purchasing a new trampoline, go for a model that offers safety pads to cover the exposed metal parts. Also, the color of the pad should be contrasting from that of the frame and mat.

Use good quality high trampoline safety nets

When you purchase a trampoline, go for a model that comes with safety nets. Else you can buy a good quality safety net to enclose the trampoline. The safety net helps prevent your children from bumping on to hard and edgy components such as springs or frame. It will also prevent them from falling off the trampoline and from hitting the ground.

Make sure you kids don’t jump too high

While the excitement in children with the idea of bouncing on a trampoline is understandable, you shouldn’t let them jump too high. If they jump too high in their excitement, they may lose control and land incorrectly. In order to prevent such jumping related accident, children must be trained to control their jumping right from the very beginning. If they get tired, make sure that they rest for a while before going back to bouncing again.

Make sure that they don’t have jewelry on them or any sharp objects in their pockets

Children sometime forget to take off their jewelry before playing on a trampoline. Children, especially boys, carry all kinds of stuff in their pockets. Their should not have any type of sharp objects on them when they are trampolining. They shouldn’t also wear hat or hood as it can block their field of view.

Always make sure that the jumping mat is free of any moisture or snow

If the mat of the trampoline is wet, children are most likely to slip and fall when they use it. To avoid wrong landing and unwanted injuries, always make sure that the mat is totally dry. During winter or rainy season, you can pack away the trampoline and store it somewhere dry. The mat should also not have holes in it. If the mat is worn out, replace it with a good quality mat of the same size.