Choose a Sophisticated Affair With a Hen Party Life Drawing Class

The question has been ‘popped’ and you have been asked to marry the love of your life! Finally the years you have spent planning the wedding of your dreams in your mind is now going to come to fruition. The search for that perfect dress starts and you look at all the different venues you can choose to hold your celebration.

In 2015 the most common wedding venues brides and grooms chose to hold their special day were in grand castles and private hire marquees. Couples are going back to the romantic feel that a castle can offer and many will provide all the catering and drinks as well as offering amazing accommodation in the castle.

Imagine walking down the aisle of a grand room, where royalty may have visited or even sat down in; castles really do offer a unique and historic experience. The pictures will be looked back upon with very fond memories for the rest of your life.

Couples who choose to hold their celebration in marquees are usually looking to add their own personal touch. You can choose from a range of marquees, some can be decked out with a dance floor, chandeliers and even ice sculptures.

Some couples will look to have the marquees erected in their own gardens or a local field; therefore cutting down on costs and allowing them the ability to be near their own homes and enjoy the party in the comfort of their own back garden.

Friends and family will undoubtedly be excited at the prospect of a wedding and if you are the bride, talk about the dress and decorations will be the focus of all conversations. Inevitably the time comes when talk turns to the hen party, for some brides this is a hugely exciting part of their wedding build up, but for others it can cause dread and worry.

Most people will think of a hen party as a time to get drunk, go out dancing, dress up in head gear or a fairy costume and generally have a good time in their local town or area. Many hen parties will choose to travel abroad and spend a weekend in the sun, followed by going out in the evening and having a meal and a few drinks.

A lot of brides are choosing not to hit the town for their hen party and are looking for other options to have fun on their day. Brides now have a huge range of options on how to spend their hen day.

They can spend a day learning how to make and decorate cupcakes or spend a day learning how to make the perfect chocolate; now who doesn’t love baking and chocolate.

If baking is not your thing, how about a calm, sophisticated and relaxing day spent learning how to do a life drawing? A life drawing hen party will still give you and your friends the chance to dress up and have a glass of champagne or two but what does a life drawing celebration include?

You will all be sat down with pencils and an easel and feel like professional artists, you will then have the chance to draw a nude male model. Your male model will be perfectly formed so the drawing experience is enjoyable and will no doubt get you and your friends giggling. The model will know how to get into the perfect pose, all you have to do is keep your eyes on your paper long enough to sketch him.

The male model will interact with the class and give assistance with your drawing and he will even judge the best sketch in the class too. Life drawing parties are a fun, light hearted and enjoyable way to spend your party.

Finding an alternative way to spend your day is now as easy as ever. A simple online search will bring up companies who can offer you a fantastic time with you and your friends. From baking classes, chocolate making to making the perfect macaroon!