Bottle Service – The Basics

Bottle Service - The Basics

Bottle service, also referred to as table service, is one of greatest tributes of man to the pleasures of self-satisfaction. This is the good life – drinking overpriced, marked up alcohol delivered by scantily dressed women as you pass out and run up a bill, but don’t you deserve it since you only live once?

However, a case will be made for VIP bottle service even for club-goers who do not like to spend a month’s wages on bottle service. In several cases, bottle service can in fact be comparable to regular clubbing, but with some additional benefits.

What is it about bottle service? You do not need to spend for bottle service to enter a club. However, if you want a good table location, and you are anxious to get in, bottle service is certainly the best way. At present, nearly all clubs have VIP tables set all over the place.

When you order bottle or table service, you pay the club a premium for a table, table location, bottles and mixers. Mixers like lime/lemon, orange juice, cranberry and tonic water are somewhat standard among many clubs. You need to pay extra, though, if you want to order bottled water or energy drinks, but the amount is included in your minimum spend. Aside from bringing out the drinks, bottle service girls also help you mix drinks, refill your mixers, pour shots and take out empty glasses.

Booking a table requires a minimum spend, which is the amount you have to pay for alcohol (and food for day clubs). The minimum amount quoted to you does not include tax or tip, which can be estimated to be around 30% (10% for tax and 18% to 20% for tip. Usually, gratuity (18% to 20%) is automatically included in the final bill. Per see, every time you book a table, multiply the minimum by 1.3 to know the total amount you will likely spend. A table with 1 k min will amount to 1.3 k, while a table with 5 k min will amount to 6.5 k and so on.

The minimum spend on each table depends on different factors such as:

    HolidaysParticular day of the week, which is higher on Friday and SaturdayDJ or Performer, wherein bigger names have bigger minimumsTable location, which is higher when closer to the activityNumber of people in your group – even if you want a 1k table, only 1k min might comeWith 4 companions – increase your min when you add more people.